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    The complexity of business environment in accordance hwae semujeok, legal risk is increasing.
    Seil Accounting Corporation of the Tax & Legal Service in advance of these risks will be identified and systematically manage.
    Tax Compliance Services
  • Corporate tax, income tax and VAT tax written notification, booked agency
  • Audited by international accounting standards
  • Of business costs, the cost of verification and proof
    Audits, Tax appeal Services
  • Measures against tax audits and the establishment of a preliminary review
  • National and local tax appeal and Agencies
  • When audited, and support entrant
    Establish of Tax planning
  • The minimization of tax liabilities for long-term, short-term planning of research
  • Inheritance tax, gift tax, capital gains tax for property tax policy, including the establishment of
  • Optimized settlement plans and establishment of tax-saving measures
  • Domestic and foreign investment and trade tax on the formulation of the optimization plan
  • Payroll service
  • Legal service(reward and punishment, the Securities and Exchange Act, Monopoly Regulation and Fair Trade Act etc Advisory Services)

    [Seil Accounting Corp]*(the "Firm")is a member of Urbach Hacker Young International Limited, a UK company,
    and forms part of the international UHY network of legally independent accounting and consulting firms.
    UHY is the brand name for the UHY international network. The services described herein are provided by the Firm and not by
    UHY or any other member firm of UHY.
    Neither UHY nor any member of UHY has any liability for services provided by other members.